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Our Services

In addition to land improvement and general dirt work, we also offer specialized services in pond and lake design, construction and repair; and pine tree plantation site preparation and planting.  To compliment our  services we have a selection of construction materials (select fill, top soil, sand) available at our convenient location inside Huntsville City limits. 

Pond & Lake Design, Construction

and Repair

Pine Plantation Site Preparation and Planting

We offer complete pond and lake building services which begin with helping you determine the best possible location for your pond or lake based on your soil type and usage interest. 


We will dig test holes and take soil samples to insure that the location is suitable to hold water.  If your soil is not ideal for this purpose, we have other options including clay or synthetic liners to insure maximum water retention. 


For existing ponds and lakes our services include enlarging your current body of water, cleaning out silt and vegetation and repairing leaks.

We can also help you with your reforestation needs. 


We offer full service pine plantation site preparation and planting. 


Select Fill, Sand and Clay

We have select fill (sandy clay) with a PI (plasticity index) between 11-16 from our convenient location inside Huntsville City Limits.  Other available materials include sand, clay, and fill dirt.

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